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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Can a facilitator be named on more than one licence?

Yes.  A person does not need to be an employee of the licensee in order to be named on the licence as an authorised facilitator.

2.    Can we run a SAGE & THYME foundation level workshop using only two authorised facilitators, with the healthcare professional role being performed by a participant?

No.  We appreciate that using 3 facilitators is resource intensive,  but it ensures workshop is run effectively - the person acting as the healthcare professional needs to understand the SAGE & THYME model and what the workshop is aiming to teach.  Also, all SAGE & THYME evidence is based on a workshop run by three facilitators.

3.    Can one organisation hold a licence on behalf of a number of organisations?

Yes.  This organisation will have the legal responsibility for complying with the licence terms and will need to keep records on all workshops run.  The licence fee will be based on the number of workshops run per year - see prices

4.    How is the licence renewed?

It is renewed automatically from one year to the next unless either party (Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) or your organisation) gives notice to terminate it at least one month before the licence anniversary.  MFT will contact you a few weeks before the anniversary to arrange for an invoice to be sent for the next year’s licence fee.

5.    When can I order learner packs?

You can order learner packs once your organisation’s licence has been signed by both parties.

6.    Why am I asked for a purchase order (PO) number when booking training, applying for a licence, or ordering packs?

Many organisations will not pay an invoice, if an order has not been made in advance of the invoice being received.  The majority of NHS organisations now need an order to be made for training / a licence / delegate packs.  When the order is placed, a purchase order (PO) number is raised.  This should be given to the supplier (i.e. MFT) who will then quote this PO number on the invoice.  MFT therefore asks customers to check whether a PO number is required (and if it is, to get one by raising an order).  MFT will not book training or supply packs, without either being given a PO number, or being informed that a PO number is not required, first.

7.    I have heard that a SAGE & THYME workshop for Advance Care Planning (ACP) and end of life care conversations has been developed.   Can you tell me more?

The S&T ACP workshop is similar in many ways to the SAGE & THYME foundation level workshop: it follows the same format, lasts slightly longer (3.5 hours) and can be taught to up to 30 participants.

The S&T ACP workshop teaches health and social care professionals how to use effective communication skills to open an advance care planning conversation.  The structure provides a consultation guide as concerns and issues are disclosed, using a slightly modified version of the SAGE & THYME model.

The difference between S&T foundation level workshops and those for advance care planning is that whilst the former is aimed at level 1 in the four level NICE guidance and is suitable for any member of staff along with students and volunteers; the latter is aimed at level 2 and is suitable for senior staff who engage in advance care planning/end of life care conversations (e.g. healthcare staff, social workers, lawyers) and who have experience of advance care planning, end of life care, and/or the Gold Standards Framework.

Please complete a general enquiry form if you would like a quote for our trainers to visit your organisation to run a S&T ACP workshop.  For more information on the S&T ACP workshop, click here.

8.    I am a freelance trainer - can I be trained to run SAGE & THYME foundation level workshops?

In theory, you can pay to attend a SAGE & THYME foundation level workshop and also a SATFAC course, and if you pass the SATFAC course, you will be qualified to run the workshops.

To run the workshops, you will need two other SAGE & THYME facilitators to work with, and also a licence to run the workshops and use the delegate packs.

It is possible to be named as an 'authorised facilitator' on another organisation's licence.  However, the SAGE & THYME team are not aware of many organisations paying freelance trainers to run the workshops: nearly all use their own trained employees, or share facilitators with a neighbouring organisation.

9.  I want to become a SAGE & THYME foundation level workshop facilitator and have attended a workshop in my organisation/elsewhere - why do I also need to attend a workshop run by MFT?

To become an authorised facilitator, you need to see a workshop taught exactly as intended by MFT.  If you have attended a workshop elsewhere previously, then attending a MFT run workshop will be good revision of the SAGE & THYME model, which should make it easier for you to pass the SATFAC course.

10. Do I need to apply for an organisational licence or a network licence?

If you are only intending to teach the SAGE & THYME foundation level workshop to your own organisation's staff, students and volunteers, then you should apply for an organisational licence.

If you wish to train staff, students and volunteers in your organisation AND in other organisations too (e.g. local hospices, other NHS Trusts, GP practices, care homes) then you will need a network licence.

The application process for both types of licence is the same - you will just need to list the organisations to be covered by the licence in the application form, if you need a network licence.  The majority of the terms are the same in both types of licence, but note that the licence fee is different - see prices.

11.  How do I write 'SAGE & THYME' if I am referring to it in a paper or report?

'SAGE & THYME' is a registered trade mark belonging to Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.  Therefore the words should always be in capitals with an ampersand inbetween them.

12.  Can I use the SAGE & THYME logo?

The SAGE & THYME logos are registered trade marks and are owned by MFT.  Therefore, permission must be sought before using the logos in any publications, reports, web sites, presentations or otherwise.