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Wolfson Foundation Bursaries for SAGE & THYME facilitator training

13 November 2017

Hospice UK has recently announced that two types of Wolfson Foundation education bursaries are open for application:

  • one is for care home nurses and healthcare assistants;
  • and the other is for hospice staff (nurse, healthcare assistant, doctor, allied health professional, or social worker).

The aim of the bursaries is to provide education for staff, which will lead to improvements in the quality of end of life care for their residents, patients and families.

The SAGE & THYME facilitator ('SATFAC') course is on the list of eligible courses for the bursary.

Care home staff can apply for up to 75% of the training fees (with their employer contributing the remaining 25%).

Hospice staff can apply for up to 50% of the training fees (with the remaining 50% being provided by their hospice or another funder).

There is a limited pot of funding available for the bursaries so early applications for the funding are encouraged.

For more information on how to apply for a bursary, click here.