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NHS England guide to communicating with patients

10 February 2021

The waves of coronavirus hospitalisations have caused waves of cancelled and delayed hospital appointments, investigations and treatments.

As a result, NHS England has recently published guidance about how hospitals should communicate with the people who have had their appointments and services displaced.

"Hospitals should invest in developing patient-centred information and communication" say NHS England; "Providers and their boards must ensure that these principles are applied consistently and equitably".

Our 14 years of experience researching, teaching and disseminating the attitudes and skills of ‘personalised, patient-centred communication’ through SAGE & THYME workshops, may be of service to the NHS staff who are making the phone calls, explaining the delays and hearing the worries.

We now have a 2 h 45 min online SAGE & THYME communication skills workshop available - click here for more information.

Image by Thomas B. from Pixabay