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SAGE & THYME contribution to COVID recovery plans

6 May 2021

Following the high level of COVID cases in the UK and intense pressure on NHS staff over the winter, the NHS is now planning its recovery.

This is focussing on rebuilding services, reducing waiting times and supporting staff whose health and well being has been affected by the pandemic.

Using SAGE & THYME in conversations can support this recovery as follows:

  • Waiting times: when speaking to patients about their concerns related to the impact of having their procedures or treatment delayed due to long waiting times
  • Service changes: when explaining that the service patients access is being changed or moved to a new location, and they are worried about how they will cope with this
  • Staff well being: staff report feeling more confident, in control and satisfied when they are able to support a patient using the SAGE & THYME structure in a conversation. 

We now deliver SAGE & THYME training online - click here for more info.

Man with his hands covering his face
Image by Malgorzata Tomczak from Pixabay