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Communication and preceptorship in nursing

18 August 2022

Preceptorship is the supported transitionary period for newly registered nurses, midwives and nursing associates, to develop confidence and competence in practice, whilst continuing with professional development.

A preceptoship framework (developed by CapitalNurse) that recommends a set of standards based on best-practice for preceptorship has been adopted by all health and social care organisations in London.

The framework covers nine domains for preceptorship development (e.g. team work, clinical practice) and one of the domains is communication.

This includes understanding communication techniques around sharing of health and care related information and having courageous conversations with patients.

The SAGE & THYME Foundation Level workshop teaches active listening, gaining information from the patient before giving new information to them, and how to support patients with their worries and concerns.

Therefore, teaching SAGE & THYME to newly qualified nurses, midwives and nursing associates can help to comply with the framework.

Nurse speaking on the telephone