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What we do

We run regular SAGE & THYME Foundation Level workshops at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester.  These are mainly for our own (MFT) staff, but places are also available for people outside MFT. 

We deliver SAGE & THYME Foundation Level workshops for other organisations around the UK (price available on request).

We run SAGE & THYME Online workshops (equivalent to SAGE & THYME Foundation Level) on Zoom for our own staff and for other organisations (people can either book places on our existing dates, or organise a workshop just for their own staff - price available on request)

We run train-the-trainers courses for people wishing to become SAGE & THYME facilitators (called ‘SATFAC’).  These are delivered at Wythenshawe Hospital, at customer locations (where the customer can find 12 participants - price available on request), or online via Zoom (for SAGE & THYME Online facilitator training).

We provide licence agreements for organisations wishing to run SAGE & THYME Foundation Level/Online workshops.

We run an annual study day for SAGE & THYME facilitators and a Reflect & Refresh workshop.