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SAGE & THYME Online was created during the COVID-19 pandemic and is equivalent to the SAGE & THYME Foundation Level workshop.

This 2 hours and 45 minutes workshop is run by 2-3 facilitators. 

It is highly interactive using a mix of small group work, a presentation and demonstration films, to teach participants how to have an evidence-based, structured conversation with someone who has concerns or is distressed.

After 30 minutes introducing participants to the tech, and ensuring that they have everything set-up to maximise their learning, the training begins with a short film with emotive content.

The workshop then uses small groups in breakout rooms to establish what the participants already know about how to pick up and respond to concerns.

This is followed by a half hour presentation on each element of the SAGE & THYME structure and the evidence behind it.

The small groups then reconvene to reflect on the SAGE & THYME model.

After a short break, the SAGE & THYME model is demonstrated in a film of a conversation using SAGE & THYME that is stopped at various points to discuss the skills used for each element of the structure.

Another film lasting about 5 minutes is then shown to demonstrate another acted conversation involving someone who is concerned/distressed using the SAGE & THYME strcuture.

The workshop ends by a final group work exercise reflecting on what the participants have learnt and the completion of an online survey.

The workshop is run on Zoom - only participants booked on to the training receive the link to the online meeting room, the room is locked once the training begins, and the facilitators have the ability to remove participants if needed for security reasons.

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