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SATFAC dates

SATFAC courses held at Wythenshawe Hospital  in 2022 are as follows:

Wednesday 7 December (day 1) & Thursday 8 December 2022 (day 2)


SATFAC courses held at Wythenshawe Hospital  in 2023 are as follows:

Wednesday 25 January (day 1) & Thursday 26 January 2023 (day 2)

Wednesday 8 February (day1) & Thursday 9 February 2023 (day 2) - BLOCK BOOKING - please contact us if you were hoping for a place on this date.

Wednesday 26 April (day1) & Thursday 27 April 2023 (day 2)

Wednesday 17 May (day1) & Thursday 18 May 2023 (day 2)

Wednesday 14 June (day1) & Thursday 15 June 2023 (day 2)

Wednesday 12 July (day1) & Thursday 13 July 2023 (day 2)

Wednesday 6 September (day1) & Thursday 7 September 2023 (day 2)

Wednesday 11 October (day1) & Thursday 12 October 2023 (day 2)

Wednesday 15 November (day1) & Thursday 16 November 2023 (day 2)

Wednesday 6 December (day1) & Thursday 7 December 2023 (day 2)


From September 2021, social distancing may not be in force (depending on government restrictions and our organisational policy), but delegates and trainers may still choose to wear masks.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the current rules in force for your training dates.

Day 1 begins with registration at 8.30 and finishes at 17.00

Day 2 begins at 9.00 and finishes at 17.00

Please be aware that if you wish to attend the SATFAC course you must attend a Foundation level workshop run by MFT the day before the SATFAC course.

The foundation level workshop will take place from 13.30 - 16.30 with registration at 13.00.  (Please click here to see the SAGE & THYME foundation level workshops dates).

For SATFAC courses run at in Manchester, we are unable to reserve or book provisional places.  We must receive your completed booking form to book a place.

We have now included a section in the booking form for you to complete where you need to demonstrate how you meet the person specification by addressing each of the categories. 

A member of the SAGE & THYME team will review each booking form received and decide whether or not each candidate is suitable or not to attend the training.  This will be fed back to you and the key contact for your area.

If a date is fully booked we do hold a waiting list in case of cancellations therefore if you complete the form stating your preferred date we can add you to the waiting list. 

Please note: as SATFAC3 courses are less in demand than SATFAC2, these courses are organised when sufficient people have shown an interest in attending.

SATFAC courses, preceded by a SAGE & THYME foundation level workshop if necessary, can be held in your organisation if you can find 12 participants who meet the person specification.  Please contact us, if you would like a quote for this service.

To make an enquiry or get a quote for on site courses you can fill in our enquiry form.

For price information, click here.

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